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The principal designate at the Muslim faith Al Madinah School which will be based initially at St Andrew's House, London Road is Andrew Cutts McKay. It will have 420 primary places and a further 600 places for pupils aged 11 to 16.

I wish them well although I have more than a few reservations.

Dave Wilkinson, branch secretary of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers, said the Government was allowing groups which had "no relevant educational expertise and which fragment state education provision" to set up schools.

Who honestly cares if the likes of Bemrose or Sinfin school close? 40 years ago they might have been decent schools, but today the environment in these school is toxic to learning. The teachers union is only interested in preserving it's own influence within "Education".

What a great, great shame that free schooling actually means segregation. Regardless of any Free School's religious leaning; their teaching is hardly going to embody the freedom and liberality that our governments pretend to value so much.

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Though I have my own spiritual beliefs, I am steadfastly behind Prof Richard Dawkins in believing that their are no such things as Muslim/Jewish/Christian Hyperadapt Shoes children, merely the children of Muslims/Jews/Christians.

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"We will use the power of football and other sports to engage young people and improve attainment, behaviour, attendance, self esteem and confidence."

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Mr Cutts McKay said: "The school's vision and ethos match my educational philosophy, placing a strong emphasis on achieving academic excellence and raising aspirations. No stone will be left unturned in our pursuit of excellence. As a non Muslim, I am 100% committed to working in partnership with the school's director of Islamic studies."

Will the Al Madinah school be providing a balanced curriculum including the tenets of Humanism/Atheism and the Nike Hypervenom Hyper Grape

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If these religions have so much value, then surely their value has to be discovered and not indoctrinated into young, impressionable minds. If the Imams/Rabbis/Vicars are so certain in their beliefs, then they should put their money where their mouths are and LET CHILDREN LEARN!

Al Madinah is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

A public meeting about the academy will be held from 6.30pm to 7.30pm next Tuesday at Pride Park Stadium.

He said: "Derby is unlucky enough to have two free schools planned for September. Neither school has promised to employ qualified teachers and, if they do, to employ them in accordance with national terms and conditions. The Derby Pride Academy will take pupils from schools such as Kingsmead and the pupil referral units, using the 'power of football' as a lure."

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Neil Jamieson, currently deputy head at Derby Moor Community Sports College, is principal designate of the other free school Derby Pride Academy. This is a joint collaboration between Derby Moor and Derby County FC, which will initially give places to at least 50 excluded or disaffected 11 to 16 year olds.

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Frankly i think taking problem kids and putting them all in 1 place is a great idea, that way you can focus on their individual needs, give them the more hands on teaching time they require, the attention a lot of them crave, all without taking from the teaching experience of the other 30 pupils in the room who aren't "problem children".

current schools to begin at this one in September it will likely lead to some schools closing if their numbers drop considerably. That won't be good for the remaining pupils in those schools. Segregation is not the best way to foster good relations for those living in the community.

Wendy Whelan, head teacher at Derby Moor and director of the Derby Pride Trust, defended the academy and said: "We will ensure the most vulnerable and challenging students have the chance to develop as responsible members of the community.

think that a disciplined religeously inspired school is something that could be welcomed, but there is always a trade off between the structure that religeon gives and the prejudices that it is capable of reinforcing. I had an aquaintance who's young daughter returned from a convent school in tears because a nun had told her that her protestant father would burn in hell. The five pillars of Islam are noble, just as the basic cfredoIslam makes numerous calls to shun unbelievers and in its literal incarnation ( like many other faiths) has a number of tenets that are frankly abhorent in the 21st century.

potential for emancipation for our children from religious intolerance and the peddling of historical untruths? I severely doubt it.

This leaves me wondering about Mr Cutts McKay and the reality of his claim of balance, diversity and inclusiveness. I also wonder if the new principal will be teaching creative writing. I hope not if his banal, cliche ridden missive in the letter box flier is anything to go by. If only he had managed to include "helicopter view" and "blue sky thinking" in his declaration we would have had a royal flush of cut and pasted truisms .

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Derby Pride Academy and Al

I am not so much bothered by the academy that will take in pupils who have been excluded from mainstream school as I am about one that will only cater to one section of the community. I don't believe in segregation in any form and that is what the Al Madinah school will do by catering to the Muslim population. The 400+ primary school children are already in mainstream schools as are the 600 secondary pupils. If a 1000+ children leave their Nike Kobe 10 Christmas

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