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She heading to Torino in August with the Canadian Free Spirits Women +45 softball team for the World Master Games. It was only four short years ago that those very games were held in Australia and the team took home gold.

and has played in it for more that 20 years. As a result, she rejoined the Women Fastball Team, getting training in the sport she be playing in Italy.

Even though tearing her glute was a challenge, physically, the toughest decision of all came when Drury decided to stop playing with the Kingston Women Ball Hockey League.

The World Master Games start Aug. 2 and run until Aug. 11. There are 30 different sports, for teams and individuals. Anywhere from 350,000 to a million visitors over the two weeks are expected.

When Drury returned from the 2009 games she started fitness training at FineLine Conditioning and Athletic Academy. In August of 2012, Drury had a considerable set back she tore her glute. She had to increase her physiotherapy and deep tissue massage treatments. She was unable to train for three months a break that affected her cardio training.

Drury will be heading to Italy with her mother, Helen, who she calls her number one fan and her good friend Jan Hazlewood. Both accompanied her to the games in Australia.

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really appreciate the support that I have from my workplace in allowing me this much time away and all of my great family and friends who will be cheering me on from a distance, she said.

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athlete, coach or builder and I am a competitor and I want to play as long as I can be contributor to the team versus a detriment, she said.

I Hyperdunk Df done since my days with the Canadian Women Field Lacrosse Team, she said. was hard and at times, painful to do certain movements, but I knew that it was what I needed. get up to speed, Drury joined a running group and hits the pavement two nights a week. She also been relearning how to run again, properly, with the help of Shane Lakins, a Fit to Lead staff member at Queen University.

too has been tough for me as running was painful also with my glute tear, she said.

She had organized the league for years Nike Hypervenom Neymar Jr

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Diana Drury to defend gold at World Master Games

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entire life has revolved around sports either as an Hypershift University Red

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Drury is an athlete at heart, living and breathing the sports she trains exceedingly hard for. And it has certainly paid off. She been inducted into six Hall of Fames, after all. It a position she took in 2012 after resigning from 26 years of service as the Athletic Director at St. Lawrence College.

was probably the toughest training that Nike Hypervenom High Top Cleats

When she was given the go ahead from her physiotherapist, Joy Benn, Drury started to train again, but this time it was different. The injury brought her to a point where she had to rebuild her core, retrain her mechanics.

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There a beautiful city in Italy, rich with architecture, where the stark peaks of the Alps provide a masterful backdrop. And it is in this northern city where Kingston athlete Diana Drury will be suiting up to play baseball.

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you enter a stadium representing your sport and your country in the opening ceremonies and then enter the medal presentations where you sing your national anthem after winning a gold medal, there is no other feeling but emotional and a sense of pride, said Drury.

feel pretty good about heading into my second World Masters Games despite being four years older and having to work twice as hard this time around to prepare, she said.

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