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Clare said: "My condition only affects one part Hypervenom Jordan Black

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Hypervenom Line

Hypervenom Line

And as well as worrying for herself, she is concerned for her daughter.

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Hypervenom Line

And while Clare suffers on a daily basis, she says Ellie's condition is more severe.

Food is a daily issue, Hypervenom Line with Clare avoiding things which trigger her symptoms because they are hard to digest, such as fruit and vegetables.

Ellie sometimes struggles to take part in sport at school but she is a member of the football team and successfully takes responsibility for her medication while at school.

She suddenly developed diarrhoea around Christmas 2007 which persisted into the new year.

Hypervenom Line

Hypervenom Line

of the bowel, whereas hers seems to go right through her digestive tract, off and on.

Since diagnosis, Clare has taken four or five six week courses of steroids and is constantly on a maintenance drug to control her symptoms.

"It's scary thinking of how it could progress whether she'll have to have surgery at a young age. I just hope she's lucky."

can barely walk so I have to carry her even though she's nearly as tall as me.

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"And Ellie really suffers with her ankles sometimes she'll have days when she Nike Hypervenom Bronze

Disease that leaves mum scared of what future holds for her and child

"For example, she gets blisters in her mouth.

"The other day she said she wished she had a wheelchair.

For three months, she was unable to attend Ashgate Primary School, in Ashbourne Road, Derby. An internal Hypershift Low 2017

examination at Derbyshire Children's Hospital resulted in her being diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

Three years after being diagnosed, Clare had surgery to remove part of her bowel which had narrowed. She said: "The pain is better but the symptoms aren't. Sometimes I wish I hadn't had it, that it wasn't worth it."

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Hypervenom Line

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