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SIOUX FALLS, SD It the moment Craig and Rebecca DeWit have been waiting for. Their new sons, Judah and Elijah, are now home.

Hypervenom Nike Football Boots

"To be holding two kids that wouldn have had much of a chance otherwise, it worth every penny, every stressful moment," Craig said.

Now, their family is full, but more importantly, it full of love.

Craig and Rebecca spent a week in Haiti on a mission trip before bringing the boys home. They were able to meet the biological father, who thanked them many times for saving their lives.

"Walking down before we came through the doorway it almost felt surreal still, it didn feel like we really here and that we really made it home, but coming through the doors and seeing our other children and other family members was just amazing," Rebecca said.

Hypervenom Nike Football Boots

Hypervenom Nike Football Boots

"Yesterday morning, the guys woke up in an orphanage in Port Au Prince, and now here they are," Craig said.

Craig and Rebecca will both be taking a month off work to help Judah and Elijah get accustomed to life in Sioux Falls and with their new older siblings. While the journey may have been long, the DeWits say the moment Hypervenom Release Date

DeWit Family Adoption Journey Is Complete

quick did. She was running around work Nike Kobe 11 Em

with her co workers, I was running around work with my co workers," Craig said.

Hypervenom Nike Football Boots

It was such a long process that they couldn remember the exact day they found out they could pick up the boys, but the feeling they felt will never be forgotten.

Hypervenom Nike Football Boots

Hypervenom Nike Football Boots

they walked off the plane to their family made it all worthwhile.

Hypervenom Nike Football Boots

"I remember getting the email and just flipping out. She called me from work and said you read the email? and I hadn yet, so I Nike Hyperadapt Warm Review

Hypervenom Nike Football Boots

"It absolutely amazing. It just an answered prayer. It been a long three years, and we finally here. To have this crowd of loved ones behind us was unexplainable, really," Craig said.

Hypervenom Nike Football Boots

Moments before being embraced by their eager loved ones, it Hypervenom Nike Football Boots was still hard to believe that their journey of adoption was finally complete.

Hypervenom Nike Football Boots

Hypervenom Nike Football Boots

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