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Dinner's ready with help at Martha's Table

StarTek is one of the local businesses who have stepped Hyperlive Weight

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Originally Martha's Table operated out of two sites meals were served out of the hall at Chalmer's United Church and a drop in centre operated out of St. Mary's School on Brock Street. As the numbers of hungry increased so did the need for a bigger location and a move was made to the Princess St. address, formerly the site of a pub. so that people can go to the upstairs drop in centre, called the Friendship Room, which serves sandwiches, snacks and beverages.

Donations are the lifeblood of the whole operation, and there are several partnerships Hypervenom Phantom 2 Fg in place within the community. Kentucky Fried Chicken has been providing one meal a week for over six years (two pieces of chicken per person), and various grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, and local individuals also donate food.

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"It is something our agents feel very passionate about, so that's why we are able to do so much. It's amazing how much helping has changed the morale at our sites, people are so willing to help," says Hancock. StarTek has also been helping with advertising; a commercial will soon be running supporting Martha's Table.

"We do struggle with the public perception and I always say that by the grace of God we are all about two pay cheques away from being in the same position sometimes," says Candy.

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"For every person that is willing to come here and have a meal, you have to wonder how many out there are not, perhaps because of pride, transportation issues, mobility Nike Hypershift Volleyball

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She invites young people to volunteer and see the need that is before us. For some people, it is the only meal they have in a day.

"It is a good bonding experience for companies who want to have their employees doing something outside of the regular workday," says Candy.

up to help. Their partnership with Martha's Table started four years ago with the sponsorship of the Thanksgiving meal. In addition, the company has worked to raise funds and collect food donations. In December 2009 they donated $3,414 and 1,730 food items, raised by employees between the two sites.

Eight people showed up for the first meal served on Jan. 31, 1997. Last year 31,192 evening meals were served, and the need is steadily growing. In 2008, there was an increase of 12 per cent, and it is expected there will be at least that increase over 2009 2010.

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Candy and Malm, the only full time employees, are assisted by three part time employees and there are at least 400 volunteers on the books. It takes 18 staff to pull off each meal, including preparation, serving and clean up.

Feeding a large crowd for only a buck isn't easy, but the folks at Martha's Table have been doing it for years.

One year the company donated blankets in conjunction with a meal ticket for Martha's Table, says Danielle Hancock, recruiting manager

Because they receive no government funding, Martha's Table relies entirely on donations.

The real need though is for businesses to sponsor meals. For $400, a business can cover the cost of one meal, $500 including the a meal for patrons.

possible by the generosity of many donors. at 629 Princess St. which includes the main meal, dessert, tea, coffee or juice, all for the price of $1.

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The restaurant takes its name from Martha, who served the hungry in biblical days. She was the sister of Lazarus, and when Jesus and his disciples were invited for supper, she served them.

"They have been a big help to Martha's Table with the advertising they have done, their participation, and even just by word of mouth, but we need more business sponsors," says Candy.

"This location already had a kitchen and dining areas, and the restaurant atmosphere affects the morale, too, it's really their place," says Candy.

issues. That's why it is so important to have our profile raised in the community."

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The non profit organization will be celebrating its 13th year of feeding Kingston's hungry this month, a milestone that was made Hypervenom Phantom 1 Sg

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Hypervenom Phantom 2 Fg

"All it says in the Bible is Martha served, so it's the whole idea behind the selfless serving of others, " says Tina Malm, an administrator.

Malm says that it is sometimes difficult to get people to accept the help they offer.

"No reservations are necessary and to this date there has never been anybody we didn't have a meal for. Christmas is the only holiday we are not open," says managing director Rhonda Candy.

One of the problems staff and patrons face is the stigma of even needing to come for a meal.

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