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This story needs to settle down if the family are to find peace any time soon. However anybody that visits Derby City Centre regularly would know precisely how easy it would have been to keep that area free and Shauns attention firmly on the professionals there to help him. Shut the road of from the round about to stop more people/cars coming up the road, cordon off from Subway down to keep the sreet clear and redirect Westfield shoppers out of the exit by woolworths and via alernative routes. If Cars needed to come out of the car park then they come down on to the road and are kept moving in the direction of The Spot. A bit of plastic tape and police control and the environment coudl have been very different; who knows if it would have made a difference but you can guarantee that there would be nobody shouting up at the poor boy and minimal distractions. It wouldnt be a congestion nightmare (who cares anyway) as we manged for ages with the disruption and closures when the shopping Nike Green Hypervenom 2 centre was being build

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While we are very used to dealing with incidents like this, this was unusual with members of the public videoing, taking photographs and even shouting for Shaun to jump; pictures have even been posted on the internet after the event.

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Derbyshire Chief Constable

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I hope this is never repeated and am in no doubt that the people of Derby and Derbyshire join me in extending our heartfelt condolences to Shaun's family and friends.

All my experience and belief in the good in people tells me that the vast majority of the crowd who watched the events unfold were wishing for the best result, hoping that Shaun remained safe and well.

I write from an observers point of view. A lot of people have an opinion on the tragic event and I suppose im no different. It was an appalling act to hear that a percentage of people were shouting "jump", that is disgusting, whether malicious or not. I feel sorry for Shaun and sorry for his family, I also feel sorry for the police that were with him, that also may I add were also human, with feelings and emotions. but lets try and imagine what may of been the cause of him getting up their in the first place, to prevent anymore tragedies like this, after all prevention is better than a cure.

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I know I speak for the huge majority in again condemning their behaviour and I would ask them to examine their consciences and consider what impact they might have had on what was a very traumatic situation for a vulnerable young member of our society.

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By Derbyshire Chief Constable Mick Creedon

quickly we might have had no staff available to provide the necessary security and safety cordon, placing even more people at potential risk.

Well said CC Mick Creedon. I wasn't there but my daughter was. The police did their best, I know some are saying the whole area should've been cordened off and an inflatable device used on ground level, BUT even if the police had closed the area down the shop owners would've been demanding compensation for loss of earnings, and just how easy is it to come up with a large inflatable tough enough, even kids ones say no adults. Sadly Shaun had his reasons, for which his family may never know, and this tragedy may have been delayed but never postponed. instead of us always looking to blame someone/anyone lets try and help each other more, be more compassionate and as for the jeering idiots, I pray Nike Kobe Mentality 2 Wolf Grey

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They should not have to deal with the extra distraction of the deviant and ghoulish behaviour of a few, and if arrests had been made this would have necessitated perhaps two officers leaving the scene for every person arrested.

were not the only agency involved in trying to bring about a peaceful resolution and I give my thanks to the other emergency services and the staff of the Westfield Centre.

They have my sincere thanks for their efforts as, I'm sure, they have the thanks of the vast majority of those reading this.

We all worked together to try to support Shaun, and this collective effort makes the behaviour of the few so distasteful.

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I hope the Police officers are receiving counselling

However, all of us associated with the force see the actions of that small minority who were encouraging Shaun to take his own life as totally abhorrent it disgusts me to think of their motivation and their lack of compassion towards a fellow human being obviously in distress.

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I'm not surprised at the reaction of the onlookers. It's appalling! Derby's not the only place that this type of reaction happens. It's everywhere. It's a shame that this young man wasn't noticed before, as there must have been something in his behaviour leading up to this terrible event. Suicide amongst young people is happening far more often and It's a long time coming that we, as a society in general, get back to watching our children and our neighbours children and care about their well being. Please take notice of the changes that take place in your children and do something about it. Say something, speak up. My heart go out to the family of this young man.

I know people are asking why these irresponsible idiots weren't arrested at the time, but I ask the public to understand that the few available officers at the scene were doing their best to manage a difficult situation and to allow trained staff to talk to Shaun.

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The fact they were unsuccessful in negotiating Shaun to safety will have been very painful for them, particularly for the two officers who spent two hours talking directly to him.

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you never find yourself in the same situation as poor Shaun, God help you because if everyone around behaved like you did on Saturday then you're not going to stand a chance!

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