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Dengue Fever Cases Subside in Florida

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"There is a lot of effort on dengue vaccines going on, but it's going to be another three or four years before a vaccine is approved," he said. There are vaccines currently in clinical trials, he added.

The Key West outbreak was unusual in that it lasted for two seasons, Margolis said. "Frankly, we don't know if it is still there," he added. "How it got introduced, we don't know."

By Steven ReinbergFRIDAY, Dec. 16 (HealthDay News) While the alarming re emergence in 2009 and 2010 of mosquito borne dengue fever in the continental United States seems to have subsided, that's no reason to believe the potentially deadly infection won't be back, experts warn.

Dr. Hal Margolis, chief of the CDC's dengue branch, said that most dengue that appears in the United States is still Nike Hyperdunk Green Womens brought back by people who have traveled to areas in the world where the diseases is endemic. "There are thousands of people who come back with dengue. That's really the biggest problem," he said.

In severe dengue, plasma leaks out of the blood vessels, ending up around the lungs and abdomen, and sufferers can develop shock, Margolis said. About 15 percent of people have these severe signs, he said. About 1 percent may die, he added.

That doesn't mean that dengue is eliminated from the population, however, because around 75 percent of people infected never develop symptoms. Blackmore and her colleagues estimate, therefore, that about 5 percent of people living in Key West neighborhoods where cases occurred could be infected.

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Dengue remains a leading cause of illness and death in tropical areas but was largely thought to be absent from the United States since the 1950s.

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The biggest hope for prevention lies with a vaccine, Margolis said.

said. "We won't know for several seasons. Only time will tell us; it's really had to predict," he said.

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There are also sporadic outbreaks along the Texas/Mexican border, Margolis said. Virgin Islands and Asian possessions such as Guam and American Samoa, he said.

breed in [even] very small containers," she said. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Dengue could still become endemic in Florida, Margolis Nike Hypershift Green

The disease can cause a high fever and people can feel sicker than they have ever felt before, Margolis said. "The danger comes in those people who get severe dengue; that usually happens with a second or third infection," he said. "Twenty five percent of people who have first infections may go on to have severe dengue."

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mosquito," Blackmore's team decided to investigate the size of the outbreak there. They identified a number of cases and found that people who got dengue were less likely to use air conditioning, and they often had birdbaths or other types of containers where the mosquitoes could breed.

Because Key West has a large population of the type of mosquitoes that transmit dengue, called the "house Nike Hypervenom Shoes 2017

Blackmore noted that dengue is not transmitted person to person, but from humans to mosquitoes and then back to humans again. However, trying to eradicate house mosquitoes has never been successful, she said, because of where they tend to propagate. "House mosquitoes are lazy mosquitoes they Nike Hypershift Team

The outbreak of the sometimes excruciating viral illness centered on southern Florida. Now, researchers have issued an update on the situation for one locale in particular, Key West. However, if people use air conditioners and screens and stay inside during hot, muggy days there is little chance dengue will become endemic, she said.

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However, in 2009, 27 people living in Key West came down with illness via locally acquired infections, and then 66 more residents contracted the illness in 2010, the researchers report. The outbreak seems to have eased since then, with no cases reported in 2011.

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