Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

"But what if he had got inside the house? That is the most worrying thought. Richardson, whose address was given as Oakamoor Road, Chesterfield, told the court he had been in Derby as his girlfriend was in the Royal Derby Hospital after Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes an drug overdose. He claimed he had scaled a wall to get into the courtyard of the Atwals home because he was being chased by a car of youths who had called him junkie He denied trying to break into the house. He also claimed the Atwals had threatened him.

Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

son was sat at the kitchen table eating some food and turned to me and said someone has just tried to get in the kitchen door "He opened it and saw a man while I opened a different door and saw him run off and scale an 8ft wall.

Mr Atwal said: suddenly saw him and got out the car and confronted him. I said to him just tried to break into my house and he put his hand in his pocket. I thought he had a blade in there. North East Derbyshire Magistrates Court heard that the drama unfolded at 11.45pm on December 27.

Mr Atwal said his grandparents, both in their 80s, were sleeping in the room next to where the attempted break in happened.

Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

"I was just sat at the table and heard the latch sound. I unbolted it and saw the man stood there. I didn say anything to him, I shouted my dad and the man set off and scaled the wall to escape. After the trial, he said: police were absolutely fantastic. I delighted the magistrates saw through Mr Richardson tissue of lies. Councillor Atwal added: fact that he didn turn up for his sentencing cements the fact Nike Hypervenom Light Blue

Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

that the magistrates made the correct decision. Inspector Richard Keene, of Derbyshire police, said: is an excellent example of the police and the community working together to identify the suspect, arrest him and bring him to justice.

Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

During the chase, Richardson, 32, who had been staying with his mother in Bloomfield Close, Derby, at the time of the offence, escaped twice but the Atwals did not give up.

Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

knew he would come out further down the road. Richardson fled down Whitaker Road, on to Vicarage Avenue, then doubled back on to Whitaker Road for a second time before heading into Uplands Gardens, where he was found by the Atwals.

The 43 year old said: me the most pleasurable thing is that he was caught.

Magistrates found him guilty of attempted burglary on Tuesday and he was due to be sentenced yesterday.

Derby magistrate Ajit Atwal and son corner burglar after midnight chase through streets

if he and his father went after the defendant for retribution, he replied: we wanted to make sure he was caught by the police.

"I am not going to stand back and let someone try and get inside my house and take the things that my family has worked so hard for.

"Arjun ran to the car and we set off after him down Burton Road.

"I know the area like the back of my hand so I Nike Kobe 12 Red Black Red

Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

Mr Atwal son, Arjun, 20, is a former Murray Park School pupil.

Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

Asked by David Horne, Richardson solicitor, Nike Hypervenom Turf

Nike Hyperdunk Youth Basketball Shoes

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