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Nike Hypershift White And Green

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On reading the article I thought that the Telegraph had chosen a very strange headline. These changes are not about motoring offences as such, Nike Hypershift White And Green even less are they concerned with "motorway speeders". This is a general revision of the sentencing powers available to magistrates. Of course it will apply to motoring offences, like all others. It is so Hypershift Ankle Support

Nike Hypershift White And Green

Nike Hypershift White And Green

disappointing to see that almost all commentators have their minds fixed Nike Zoom Kobe Vi White Gold

We do have a vehicle excise licence but this has no more connection Hyperdunk Gray Black

I have to take issue yet again with "Grumpysox". Firstly, as always, for his skulking behind a silly username; obviously he is too ashamed of his views to reveal his identity. Secondly, he repeats his illogical prejudice against cyclists in his response to "On holiday's" off beam comments. The pursuit of lawbreakers is a quite different matter to sentencing powers, whatever the nature of the offence. He also asks for a "road users' tax". We do not have such a concept in the UK. and it would be difficult to justify implementation unless it applied to all. That would include pedestrians, horse riders and possibly a surcharge for people with dogs. For wheeled vehicles ("carriages" in the eyes of the law) it would obviouusly include buggies and wheelchairs as well as bicycles. It could arguably be levied on roller blade users.

But motoring groups said the new fines were disproportionate and could put people off challenging unfair speeding tickets.

from John Stewart, Hilton, Derby.

with use of the roads than have the excise duties on alcohol and tobacco with the care and comfort of drinkers and smokers. As we all know, the level of this duty is zero for vehicles producing low emmisions. It would therefore be zero for bicycles, buggies and wheelchairs. I can concede of a justification on the "emissions" basis for horses. It would of course cost several millions to administer so we can all see how well "Grumpsox's" policy fits in with obtaining value for money in public administration.

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Courts will also be able to levy unlimited fines for the first time for the most serious crimes dealt with in the lower courts such as environmental offences which at present attract penalties of up to 5,000 or more.

on motoring.

Derbyshire motorway speeders could be hit with four

Nike Hypershift White And Green

Nike Hypershift White And Green

Nike Hypershift White And Green

A FOUR FOLD increase in the maximum fines available to magistrates is to be introduced meaning motorway speeders, including those from Derbyshire, could be forced to pay up to 10,000 and disorderly drunks as much as 4,000, the Government said.

Nike Hypershift White And Green

Justice Minister Jeremy Wright said the dramatic hike the first since 1991 and which the Government paved the way for in legislation passed two years ago would give magistrates the "greater powers" needed to punish offenders.

Nike Hypershift White And Green

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