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he was asked how long he had been in the boot, he said: the time, the minutes felt to me like hours. Mr Bhatti said that after he managed to escape, the car had turned around and started to follow him but he had gone down a road that was a dead end and so the vehicle could not follow.

The court was told that Mr Bhatti had walked over to the Hypervenom 2 Cleats

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When Jonathan Straw, prosecuting, asked Mr Bhatti why he thought he had been kidnapped he replied it was because Nike Hypervenom Turf he had told them he would inform the police about a insurance scam in which Maqsood and Asghir were involved.

He said that Asghir, of Olivier Street, Pear Tree, had then grabbed him by the arms and Aziz, 22, of Leacroft Road, Pear Tree, had taken hold of his legs and thrown him in the boot.

Derby kidnap victim feared he would die in car boot

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He claimed that when he was trapped in the car he had told the men: me out of here. I won say anything. I won do anything. I will go back to Pakistan and if you prefer I won even make a complaint to the police. He told the court that if he Nike Hypervenom Free Low

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He claimed he begged the men to let him out and they responded as if they themselves to be gangsters Mr Bhatti told the court: said have dealt with many people before and we will deal with you as well He said Maqsood was sitting in the back of the car, laughing at him as he begged to get out, and said: are talking a lot we will teach you. We will show you how to talk a lot. Mr Bhatti said the men had turned up the music in the car but he had started kicking the lock of the boot so they turned it back down and told him to be quiet.

He then ran until he reached a petrol station and asked workers to help him.

had been in the boot another two to four minutes he believed he would have died.

He said the lock had eventually come undone but he held on to the door of the boot until the car slowed down to a give way in the road and he was able to jump out.

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would have suffocated, he said.

He told the court they took cars to the countryside and damaged them, then brought them back to Normanton and made insurance claims on the vehicle. He said that when the cars came back repaired, they would respray them and sell them on.

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boot of the car after Asghir had invited him to look at a music speaker on the rear shelf of the vehicle in the afternoon of December 6 last year.

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