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The quality of teaching is inadequate

The school, which opened in September 2012, has 412 pupils, aged four to 16, and was set up by representatives of the community as a trust, headed by chairman Shazia Parveen.

"Educational attainment for all children and young people in Derby is as always our priority. The council is keen to work with other agencies as partners to address the key issues outlined in the Ofsted report.

The achievement of pupils is inadequate

low and declining. At the time of the inspection, the attendance of pupils at the secondary school was Nike Hypershift White And Green

Teachers have low expectations. Pupils are not learning enough, quickly enough.

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Behaviour between lessons in and around the school is closely supervised by staff. It is sometimes a little loud in the secondary school but otherwise the school is an orderly and friendly place.

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Older pupils are seated with boys on one side Nike Kobe 10 High White of the class and girls on the other.

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Records of behavioural incidents that occur are patchy and unreliable. The school is unaware of where it needs to target its efforts to bring about improvement.

Attendance is worryingly Hyperadapt 1.0 Nike Store

Pupils make inadequate progress during the early years foundation stage and key stage one in the primary school. Assessments of pupils in the primary school are incomplete and unreliable. The progress pupils made in all the lessons visited, apart from those for Year 2 pupils, was inadequate.

have received a response from the Al Madinah Education Trust as well as a report on the school from Ofsted. Any decisions made will take into account all the available evidence. INSPECTION JUDGMENTS

said governors had the parents who placed their trust in them The damning report into Al Madinah School followed an emergency inspection at the beginning of the month, ordered by the Secretary of State.

It came after the Derby Telegraph exclusively revealed that many female staff were uncomfortable with being forced to wear Muslim dress, including a hijab Islamic head scarf and some teachers were unqualified.

DERBY Muslim free school has been judged as in all areas and placed in special measures by inspectors who called it and chaos They Nike Kobe 9 Low Em Gym Blue

calamitous situation would never have been allowed to occur in any school overseen by Derby City Council. A Department for Education spokesman said: were already investigating this school before allegations became public. We discussed the problems with Ofsted and it launched an immediate inspection.

The leadership and management are inadequate

Overall attendance for the last academic year of 92.7% places the school in the bottom 10% of all schools nationally. Attendance is recorded manually on paper registers.

Almost all teaching seen during the inspection was judged inadequate.

89%, which is very low. It was broadly average in the primary school at 96.4%.

Most teaching in the primary school was characterised by poor lesson planning with all pupils given the same work, regardless of whether it was too easy or too difficult for them. In the secondary school, pupils are generally given the same work regardless of their ability.

On Thursday afternoon, Derby City Council issued a statement, saying it acknowledged the findings of the Ofsted report.

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Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs make inadequate progress. They are left to struggle.

Derby Muslim school Al

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Some pupils written work is poorly presented and untidy and the quality of their work is deteriorating over time.

In the secondary school, pupils written work in several subjects confirmed they make slow progress over time.

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Due to limited canteen space, boys and girls have their lunches separately, taking it in turns to eat first.

Pupils of all ages speak positively about the good relationships in the school and the lack of bullying.

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"It is imperative that the educational attainment and needs of all children in the school are met while engaging with parents, carers and families. Derby City Council will respond to any specific requests in order to help improve the school and move it out of an Ofsted category. This approach applies to supporting any school in Derby for the benefit of all pupils. Derby North MP Chris Williamson said: findings are absolutely shocking and a damning indictment of the Government obsession with their free school experiment.

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There are few planned opportunities for pupils to apply their literacy skills. The exception to this is in Islamic studies, where pupils have good opportunities to develop their literacy.

Failures in leadership and management are at the heart of the school dysfunctional situation. There is no coherent staffing structure.

The behaviour and safety of pupils are inadequate

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