Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

"I think it gives our guys an extra boost knowing that when things aren't going as good as they think they should go, they have a guy right next to them with a tough situation so they have no reason to feel sorry for themselves," Sauter said.

him news he didn't want to hear.

"He's been a huge part of this program, his mindset and team attitude, he has such Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price a great work ethic there's no one else like him, you just can't have enough guys like Derek Klinkner, because he's a great positive role model for our program," Sauter said.

And while he gets frustrated at times, Derek is determined.

" Right away I had nothing from my belly button down below and then day by day it slowly came back," Klinkner said "One day I woke up I could feel somebody touch me like this then the next day down to my knees a week later, then down to my shins."

Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

Derek attends every practice and every game.

Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

But Derek is watching this season from the sideline in a wheelchair.

Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

"He would have been one of the top linebackers in the conference without a doubt, Nike Hyperdunk High Tops

he had such a tremendous ability to run to the football, make tackles, make plays, we dearly miss him, he was a big time player maker for us," SMSU head coach Cory Sauter said.

Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

Even though Derek may never play football again, he's okay with that, because he says he has to tackle one other thing that's more important.

this season for the Mustangs, but that all change in a split second.

Derek's Determination

Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

"I feel like I owe it to them to be out here, because they've done so much for me," Derek said.

Physical therapy five days a week is helping Derek. Even doctors are amazed at his progress.

"It's kind of like taking a knife and sticking it into your back and turning it, the most pain I ever been in, " Klinkner said.

"I was like no I'm playing football this fall, I got a game September 2nd against Northern, I got to be out there with my team, my team is counting on me, they said no you can't play football ever again and you might never walk again, it's going to be a long time," Klinkner said.

Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

Derek Klinkner, who grew up in Artesian, was considered one of the best linebackers in the conference and was looking forward to doing big things Nike Kobe X White Black

Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

That's to one day walk again. He showed us how he can stand with a little assistance. His coach isn't surprised by Derek's strength physically and mentally.

Derek made all conference honorable mention and was looking forward to a great year.

Derek Klinkner was ferocious on the grid iron. His sophomore year, number 43 made his mark starting 11 games, finishing second on the team with 71 tackles.

"My ultimate goal is to play football again, but if I never play again that's fine," Derek said. " I was talking with Coach Sauter and he said I can comeback whenever I want to whenever you are ready to comeback and coach he said try to get walking again."

You expect injuries on the football field, but it wasn't the game that seriously injured a football player from Southwest Minnesota State University last spring.

Last May in a freak accident, a three thousand pound water tank fell on his back on his dad's farm, paralyzing him from the waist down.

But the real pain was about to be felt when doctors told Nike Green Hypervenom 2

Klinkner now uses a wheelchair to get around the campus of SMSU.

Nike Kobe 9 Em Easter Price

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