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page. If you could use only the commands from the first task, how many commands would it take?

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5. For the next task, the director needs to tell the artist to make two copies of Shape A in different locations on the Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Green

It would take around as twice commands for the shapes to be drawn, plus the commands for the pen to move to a different location around 30 in sum in our case.

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by 45

2. Director: 'two concentric circles, tree inside the smaller circle, letter S over them, pen on the bottom right'

of the graph paper

So we are adding a new term to our vocabulary: Execute list (If the director Nike Shoes Kobe 10 Price writes the command 'Execute list Shape A' then the artist should pick up the paper labeled Shape A, follow all of the commands on it, then return to the command following the Execute list command.). Label: Shape C

This idea did make it easier to create multiple copies of the shape. We could both understand each other well, and the set of command gave us a accurate picture rather vague assumptions.

Describing and Drawing Shapes

Well, we could create as many shapes as it is possible using the very list of commands we have, giving the variables values that python recognizes integers, floating decimals, fractional numbers.

We did not use commands pen forward and pen turn because it would have been too much work to change all the coordinates. Since the task 'write down a list of commands that makes at least one drawing of Shape A and one drawing of Shape B' does not specify whether the Shapes can intersect, we assumed that they can.

In comparison to 1 and 2, the instructions were much more precise and clear. Rather than getting short descriptions, we got accurate coordinates that we obtained from the graph paper. Even though the director had to take a longer time to point out the coordinates to form the right shapes, communication and understanding was much less ambiguous. No, a computer cannot handle any ambiguity. If any of our commands had slightest errors in them, the computer would not be able to execute it.

pen turn left 1 angular unit change the direction of drawing to the left Nike Hypershift Navy Blue

3. We have discussed the meaning of each term for this task command and have written these meanings down.

Besides the set of instructions, what assumptions, or knowledge did you have to share between yourself and your partner for the first two tasks? After seeing the artist's rendering of your commands, did you feel like there was information missing?

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In the last task, if you changed your Shape D, would you need to change your Shape E? Does Shape E care what list of commands it calls?

In general the artist did draw a pair of big headphones (everyone knows the shape of the headphones nowadays), but of course the details he interpreted in his own way. So the director imagined the zigzag going from left headphone to the right one like the Audacity logo, while the artist understood that the zigzag should be on each headphone (the task did not specify perfectly where exactly it should be).

Describe how much information was given from one person to another for task 3 compared to task 4. Was there a difference? Why?

pen down put the pen down onto the graph paper

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For the third task, your list of commands could create only one shape. How many different shapes could you create with the last version of your shape command list using variables?

For the first task, for example, the artist had to assume what is actually meant by 'round connection between phones' and where it is located, so shared knowledge was: the connection goes from the top of one phone as a downward opening arc to the top of other phone.

pen turn right 1 angular unit change the direction of drawing to the right by 45

pen forward 1 unit move the pen forward by 1 square Hyperdunk Grey

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No, both the tasks 3 and 4 had a similar amount of shared information between the artist and the director. Since, both shapes were based on identical commands, no variance in shared info was required

pen goto point(x, y) if pen is up, then move it without drawing to the point on the plane with coordinates (x, y); if pen is down, then move it with drawing to the point on the plane with coordinates (x, y); if whether pen is down or up is not defined, assume that it is up

pen up

Execute list Shape B

pen up lift the pen up from the graph paper

How much flexibility, or ambiguity existed in your first two instruction sets compared to the later command sets? How much ambiguity can a computer handle?

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Execute list Shape A

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Nike Shoes Kobe 10 Price

Did the idea of labeling a set of commands make it easier to make more complex scenes or multiple copies of the shape? Why?

For the second task, the artist assumed what kind of tree should be drawn and what size the pen should be. The director felt like there was information missing when he saw the artist creating a different kind of tree and different size of pen than he imagined.

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